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Busy Weekend

November 2nd 2010 15:50
The holidays are here and in full swing. Whew! This weekend was crazy with Halloween and everything and today is voting.

I don't think I am ready for the holidays to already be upon us.



September 5th 2010 22:43
I have decided I need to learn how to chart my own horoscope. No matter where I read my horoscope at, the website or magazine, it is always wrong. They are never even close to what happens that day or how my day goes. It's kid of annoying because my ex tells me all the time how every horoscope he reads for himself is dead on. And they are! Every single one is exactly what he is feeling that day or what happens that day and they are always supper specific and clear. My are always random and I have to always try to decipher the meaning in them. I need to learn this myself. I want to do accurate, or as accurate as possible, horoscopes that actually make sense and I am not trying to decode the whole time. If anyone knows anything about this or how to do it, drop me a line. I would be interested in where to start.


July 21st 2010 00:32

It always amazes me just how accurate the descriptions are about each sign. How minute details, parts of the body, colors and random matches up to each person so well. It's not perfect, but it is always very close and so many things end up making even more sense, once I find out what someone's sign is.

Of course your sun sign is only one part of astrology and part of who you are within the realm of astrology. There is also the moon sign or if you were born on a cusp. To get an even more complete and accurate description of yourself, a birth chart shows where all the planets were at the time you were born.

A birth chart shows where the planets were, but also what house they were in at the time of your birth. A birth chart many times explains those things about ourselves that we don't understand or are not part of our sun sign.

Knowing your sun sign and having your birth chart gives insight into who we are, why we do what we do, why we like or dislike the things that we do and so much more. It is not to say that only astrology should be used or that all major life decisions should be made using astrology. However, it is just another tool in developing ourselves and learning more about ourselves. It is another way to figure out who we are, as well as figure out ways to deal with other people and ourselves.

It can be effective in dealing with problems and situations, giving insight into solutions and even in some ways a heads up to problems or situations that may or could occur.

Going With Astrology

June 4th 2010 01:26
After thinking about all the things I like and what I know. I decided to go with Astrology. Astrology plays into our every day lives, as well as in work, finances and even family life.

Being that it's what I know, I thought it would be a good topic to cover. As well as research news and events connected to astrology too

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New Here

April 6th 2010 01:49
First welcome post! New on here, but have been blogging for awhile. I can't say for sure what this blog will be about, probably a little bit of everything. But who knows

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