4 Questions Every Aspiring Computer Support Specialist Should Ask Himself

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In case you are thinking about becoming a computer support specialist, you need to understand that while that is a good thing to focus on, not everyone is cut for the job. Asking yourself the following questions will help you determine whether you are fit to become a computer support specialist or not:

1. Do I really want to become a specialist?

Once you become a support specialist, you will rarely find time to play games or use computers for fun. Once you are on the job, you will be working. Even though, you will be working with computers, which still work. So make sure that you are positive about taking your computer addiction as a career. Just because the computer excites you and you like sitting in front of it does not mean you will make an excellent specialist.

2. Am I okay with the rigorous demands of the job?

Very often, when you are just starting out, you will have to work irregular hours. Sometimes, you may have to visit a client at night. There is much other work related pressures that will come into play. Positions that are higher in the hierarchy may not require you to do a lot of work in the field, but when you are a beginner, you can expect a hectic work life.

3. How far do I want to take it?

You need to ask yourself whether you wish to work as a computer support specialist for life or just for a few years. If it is for life, then you will do best with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science because that will allow you to hold good positions in the future. You can even target a Master’s Degree. In case you want an entry level posts, many employers will accept you as long as you hold a real certificate or an Associate’s Degree. So plan accordingly.

4. How motivated am I about computers?

Motivation is perhaps the biggest question. The thing about becoming a support specialist is that you have to upgrade your skills frequently. You cannot just get the job and then relax. After every few months, you will have to understand new concepts, examine new apps, learn to work with new operating systems, etc. A person who works in the field of computer support must be motivated enough to acquire new things on a regular basis. Otherwise, career progress can be difficult.

The internet will be faster and more efficient with HTTP 2.0


The HTTP standard hasn’t been touched since 1999, its about time to finalize the new version of HTTP/2. The new standard has lots of advantages, for example, accelerate the loading of web pages, the links can be kept active for a long time, and the servers can send information before the user even requests it.

The new HTTP standard developed by Google, based on the SPDY Protocol, which promises to improve response time, safer, and faster communication on websites. Fortunately, Google is an advocate of standardization, and a few days ago, Goole announced that Chrome will entirely switch to HTTP/2.

Some web servers may need to be updated to the new standard, but user will be migrated seamlessly over.

WI-Fi Headaches Three Useful Tools for Resolving Them.

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WI-Fi could be a great medium to get any device connected to the Internet, but sometimes this mode of connection could be a real pain in the neck.

But thanks to the latest technical improvements in router technologies and network management software, connecting to WI-Fi connections have become much easier when compared to the way it used to be in the past.

However, this doesn’t mean there are no issues as one gets to experience the  occasional setbacks of a WI-Fi system which includes dropped connections, poor  signal quality, slow speeds and limited public hotspots where anyone can easily  link up to the internet.

If you’re tired of experiencing these setbacks and crave for a change, here are three great programs you can always use resolved your wireless connection issues and make your life lot easier.

wifi issues


If you’re paying for so much bandwidth and still experiencing slow connection speeds or dropped connections, then your problem is your broadband connection.

It’s more likely you’re experiencing such difficulties because everyone around you with a router is uses the same WI-Fi channel which causes interference.

You can easily use a ViStumbler to fix all that. Once the program has been installed, start it and click the Scan APs button. It will immediately show you a list of the closest WI-Fi routers within your area.

Though this app is associated with some annoying sound effects, you can easily stop it once it has been able to list 20 routers within your area by hitting the stop button. 

From the list of WI-Fi routers you’ve got, you can source for other information like the encryption type, name and signal strength of the routers and many more.  However, the most important information required is the “Channel”. Just locate your router on the list to see the channel you’re on. If you are actually connected, it should be close to the top of the list.

Once you find it, compare with other routers on the list to see the number of routers sharing your channel. Change to a different channel if you discover there are so many routers in your channel.

The best channels to switch to are, channels 1, 6 and 11 because they never overlap with each other. Switching to a different channel means you will have to provide the login details of your router to finally make the switch.

Speed Test

Most times the speed of our WI-Fi connections are grossly affected by the  performance of the ISPs who claim to provide broadband speed but fail to meet up  with their claims.

The easiest way to really test the speed of any connection is to use the Speedtest.net by Ookla. Ookla is a website that can instantly check out the speed of your internet once you click on the Begin to Test button on the home page.

When you test your WI-Fi and broadband speeds, it helps you discover if the issues you have with any video streaming site has to do with your internet connection or the site itself.

And just in case, you’re curious, it also gives you a better idea of the different speed of your internet connections at different intervals during the day.

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Hotspot Laptops

Sometimes you might find yourself in a hotel with a WI-Fi system that’s off-limits for its occupants or might be in a location where the rule only allows you to connect one of your devices – the laptop, iPad or phone to the internet.

Whatever the reasons, there are several apps available online that can convert your laptop to a WI-Fi hotspot so you can easily share with other devices.

One of such apps is the MyPublicWiFi app – a free desktop software program that’s quite easy to use. However, this program will require you to right click its shortcut image and select the “Run as administrator” option.

Not all windows users might be quite comfortable with that method. Another drawback is that it has a very weak default password you’ll have to change to something harder if you really mind sharing your PC files with total strangers. The DIY method is not alway the way to go, if you want to make sure that you have a professional network installation that is fast and secure, its a good idea to find a local network installation company and let them setup and configure your home or business network.

What is Collective Experience of Empathetic Data Systems – CEEDS


CEEDS stands for Collective Experience of Empathetic Data Systems. It is a new technology being developed in Europe whose goal is to improve cognitive abilities in people by creating a system based on sensory data which changes the amount of complexity in the data being displayed based on the physiological reactions of the user.

The idea is that the data in a display system would be more effective if it became sensitive to whoever was interacting with it. This project has currently received €6.5 million under the Future and Emerging Technologies Scheme, and has 16 research partners involved across 9 different European countries: Finland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Hungary.

It is designed to enhance cognitive abilities in the user of the eXperience Induction Machine (XIM) by gauging their stress levels and interest in different data areas. The XIM then guides the user to data areas that it believes will be more interesting to them, which can help increase the effectiveness of a student as they study.

Most of the interest in this new technology is from museums because the XIM can offer visitors with a completely personalized and interactive environment in which they can learn about subjects that interest them. The XIM that is on site at the Bergen-Belsen memorial site in Germany has been used there for over two years. The CEEDS team is already discussing the placement of other XIM units in various museums around the world.

Some of the other uses that the XIM may have include a virtual retail store environment in which a shopper could look through various items and receive suggestions based on their reactions to different products that are presented to them, as well as being used to visualize soil quality and weather changes in Africa which could help increase the crop yields of local farmers.

Although these early systems involve a large room and a number of sensors that are worn by the user, there are many implications that this concept could become lighter and be made to fit into a device like a smart phone. If a database was able to track the user’s reactions by facial expressions alone, it could then change and offer suggestions to the user which would provide the user with more meaningful content to them.

Shrinking this type of technology into a smart phone requires the use of more than one camera on the phone to better track the facial expressions of the user. Although having multiple front-facing cameras may seem like a far-off concept, Amazon has actually already released a phone with four front-facing cameras that are designed to power its head-tracking 3D effect. However, this Fire Phone is in a good position to be used for watching the way a person reacts when shopping online.

There are many implications that this new technology may have for people, particularly when considering the future of the online retail market. As it develops, CEEDS will continue to meet the needs of various groups across the industries, from museums to online stores.

How to Build a Good Company Culture


For as many executives out there, there are just as many opinions on what the meaning of company culture is, and what it’s significance is. If you are just starting up a business, your primary goal needs to be creating a great product. Once your company begins to grow to include more than just a few dozen employees, it’s time to take a serious look at establishing a good company culture. Here are six pieces of advice to follow that can help you establish good company culture.


Name the Leader

Taking this simple step of naming who is responsible for the culture in your company is hugely important. This person has to be someone you trust and who understands the cultural tone you want to set in the company.

Leadership Sets the Cultural Tone

It doesn’t matter much what you want the cultural tone of your company to be unless the leaders are upholding that. Your focus could be teamwork, transparency, or customer satisfaction. Whatever it is, if you have leaders that are not acting it out, you will never reach your company cultural goals.

Get Organized

The way your company is organized will help drive the culture of your company. One example of this was when Apple had their design team reporting directly to the CEO. By placing obvious priority on the product designers, they set a tone in their business of being product-driven.

Have an Offsite

Taking some time to bring all of your leaders and employees together on an offsite retreat is a way to bring everyone together to focus on building up the culture in your company. Be bold and ask your employees what they think about your current culture and what changes they would like to see made. Although having an offsite might not answer all the cultural questions in your company, it will help you see where you are, where you need to be, and how you can get there.

Focus on Priorities

It’s important to know exactly what your priorities are and to focus in on them. Most likely, that will be customer satisfaction which will help drive sales. That means gathering a team of leaders within your company that can stay focused on customer satisfaction.

no-feedback-wantedLearn to Communicate

Learning to communicate the culture to all of your employees will help them see the vision and will inspire them to reach towards your goals to create good company culture. Keep in mind that if you’re not doing the other things on this list, communicating culture won’t get you far. You have to be an example of culture to your employees along with the other leaders in the company.

Final Thoughts

Growing a good company culture as early as possible is important for ensuring that your company will be more than a business that makes money; it will be a business that makes a long-lasting impact on the world. As you continue to grow your company, bring in new employees that already have the qualities you are looking for that will help make your culture be what you want it to be.